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If you have a fireplace in your home, you know how much fun it is to get cozy in the winter and enjoy its warmth. 

Fireplaces come with many plus sides, but one thing that many people don’t think about is maintaining the chimney. Since you can’t see what’s going on inside the chimney, it’s easy to categorize it as “out of sight, out of mind.” 

While it might be tempting to turn your attention elsewhere, your chimney needs regular maintenance in order to keep you safe and healthy. 

Our chimney cleaners have been in the business for a long time. And as chimney pro cleaners in Vegas, we have seen many different issues with chimneys that don’t get cleaned on a regular basis. 

For one, the soot and debris can get stuck on the chimney walls, causing excess smoke. It can even make its way into your home causing an increase in allergies and dust. 

On the more serious side, however, chimneys can become a perfect place for bird nests, leaves, outdoor debris, and dust. This can cause a recipe for disaster. 

Many house fires have started because of chimney debris and could have been prevented with professional chimney cleaning in Vegas and the surrounding areas

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